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General Maintenance

What Else?

Enriched Gardens offer the highest quality garden maintenance.


We use the best quality tools, ensuring a swift and professional job, every time.


Whatever your garden needs, call us to do it for you.


Here is a list of a few of our maintenance services:


Lawn mowing


- We use professional lawn mowers which stripe your lawn with that 'tennis court' look. They also collect the cuttings, reducing thatch build up and preventing the spread of any weeds you have in the lawn.


Hedge cutting


- We have long reach hedge cutters, to cut the tallest of bushes from the safety of the ground. We can also shape your bushes and hedges the way you like, whether that would be natural and rounded, or squared off and formal.




 - Let us do the job no-one likes to do! Let us pull out those unsightly weeds out for you. If you have weeds coming through your path or driveway, we can apply a safe chemical which gets right to the roots and kills them.




Leaf clearance


Lawn care


- There are several aspects to lawn care:


Weed treatments. These are usually carried out once or twice a year, depending on the volume of weeds in your lawn.


Moss treatments. These are carried out whenever necessary. If left untreated, moss will continue to spread in your lawn. Any excess water sitting on your lawn surface will encourage further growth. Mowing close to the ground also spreads moss.


Feeding your lawn. Your grass is a plant and requires food like any other plant. Regular feeds keeps the lawn healthy, which reduced the chance of it getting diseased and dying.


Scarifying. This is a process which reduces thatch build up on your lawn. This allows nutrients to get to the roots and also encourages root growth.


Over-seeding. Any bare patches can be filled in with fresh grass seed to repair any bare patches in your lawn.


Aeration, hollow core. This is a process which removes plugs of earth from the lawn. This reduces compaction of the soil, allows water to get to the grass roots, prevents water staying on the surface, (which encourages moss) and allows oxygen to get to the roots, which is vital for root development.


Along with garden maintenance, we also offer other services to keep your garden looking tidy. Take a look below to see what we can do for you.




Whether you need a new fence erected, or simply need a repair, we can help you. We'll do everything for you, from surveying the requirements, supplying the materials, installation and waste removal.


Jet washing


If your patio is looking worse for wear, use our jet washing services to restore it to it's former glory. We can also jet wash your decking and apply a new stain or varnish to extend it's life for you.




If you would like a new lawn and want instant results, we can lay turf to give you the lawn you've always dreamed of, in no time at all!